Bookworm named Braxton is looking for a family to call his own

Published: Nov. 5, 2020 at 11:39 AM CST
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(KWTX) - Braxton is a kid from Central Texas looking for a family to call his own.

“Family is supposed to be a group of people that love and care for you and they direct you to doing something positive,” the 13-year old said.

Braxton has an idea of what a good family can mean to someone, but after getting shuffled around the foster care system, he’s yet to have the experience.

But regardless of his circumstances, people in his life say he’s come a long way.

“He’s grown so much,” said Braxton’s CPS case worker Tonya Reynolds.

“I tell him all the time, when I talk to him on the phone, how proud I am of him.”

Reynolds is busy working to find Braxton a family to call his own and thinks he’d make a terrific addition.

“He’s so easygoing and he’s so willing to help and he just has such a positive attitude,” she added.

That good attitude leads Braxton to clean his room and make sure his bathroom is spotless before he starts his day.

And he says that’s before he vacuums the house and cleans the kitchen.

Braxton was quick to talk about his cleaning, but held out telling me he was a bookworm.

Reynolds took care of that.

“He’s a big reader,” she said.

“He loves to read his books.”

How many books?

“This year 47 or 48 books, at least, so far,” Braxton said through a wry smile.

His smarts also include science, which he plans to use to in the Air Force someday.

“Well I was hoping that I will get a degree at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and hopefully go to an Air Force base and become an aerodynamic engineer,” he said.

To reach his lofty goal, Braxton will need the right family.

“Permanency means the world, it really, really does, and they (foster children) may not realize it until they have it,” Reynolds said.

He doesn’t have it yet, but Braxton has an idea of what that permanency in a forever home might look like.

“Somebody that loves or cares about you, and does anything, to help you or guide you,” he shared.

It would appear the sky is the limit for this future aerodynamic engineer, now he just needs a family to get him off the runway.

(To inquire about adopting Noah or to find out more about the process, contact CPS at (254) 756-5571 or contact KWTX and ask for Pete Sousa. Also, remember there are licensing requirements to adopt in Texas)

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