Area counties, cities and Fort Hood continue to battle water issues

Fort Hood is experiencing major stress on their water supply.
Fort Hood is experiencing major stress on their water supply.(Photo: III Corp and Fort Hood)
Published: Feb. 20, 2021 at 6:24 PM CST
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WACO, Texas (KWTX) - Multiple Central Texas cities and a military installation continued to warn citizens about water outages and conservation Saturday while municipalities repair busted water mains and pipes and provide water distribution to those without water.

The following is a sample of some of the cities and military installation struggling with water issues.

FORT Hood posted on their Facebook page - CONTINUE TO CONSERVE.

Fort Hood is NOT under “BOIL WATER” notice (including off-post villages). Fort Hood is experiencing major stress on our water supply.

To avoid potential widespread and lengthy water outage, our goal is to reduce our water use by 40% until we get through this unprecedented situation.

Here’s what you can do to help:

- Turn off dripping faucets when the temperature reaches 30-degrees F.

- Only resume dripping when the temperature drops below 30-degrees.

- Drip faucets into containers, especially pots in case boil water notices are needed.

- Avoid using washing machines and dishwashers; appliances use a significant amount of water.

- Store 1-gallon of water per person per day for hygiene purposes

Water Filling Station. Killeen will open a water filling station for residents without water service. It will be located at 805 W. Jasper.

- All water received must be BOILED

- Bring own container and amounts may be limited

- Saturday and Sunday, 20/21 Feb 10 am-6pm

WACO - The American Trucking Association is working with the Texas and Southwest trucking associations to move 20 pallets of water to Texas.

The first truck is scheduled to arrive Sunday, February 21 in Waco. The water will be delivered to Ascension Providence in Waco.

The City of Temple posted that they will have limited supplies of bottled water available for residents still without water. Bottled water distribution locations will be open Saturday and Sunday from 11am - 6pm:

Central Fire Station, 210 N. 3rd St.

Family Promise, 1018 E Avenue A

Grace Temple Ministries, 801 S 13th S

Fire Station #2, 1710 E. Ave H.; and

Mayborn Civic & Convention Center, 3303 N 3rd St.

-Water will be limited to one case per household while supplies last.

-Those who are unable to safely travel to a water distribution location can call 254.298.5550 to arrange for delivery. Potable water is also available at Fire Stations #3-8. Citizens must bring their own container to fill up with potable water:

Fire Station #3, 3606 Midway Dr,

Fire Station #4, 411 Waters Dairy Rd.

Fire Station #5, 510 North Apache

Fire Station #6, 3620 Range Rd.

Fire Station #7, 8420 West Adams

Fire Station #8, 7268 Airport Rd.

If you have questions regarding this matter, you may contact the City’s Utility Services Department at 254.298.5550.”

The Llano County Sheriff’s Office reported Saturday that they “have begun to receive water, via National Guard Blackhawk. Today’s deliveries have been coordinated by the Llano County Emergency Management Office.

The water will be taken to designated drop off points for County Distribution. Hardest hit areas will be distributed first — Tow and Buchanan Dam. Tow can pick up at J&S Chevron. Buchanan can pick up at Buchanan Dam Fire Department.

Please understand that we are prioritizing distribution to those folks that have NO water first. If you have water, but are under a boil notice, then please continue to do that.”

The Lampasas Police Department posted on their Facebook page that the City’s water system is still recovering and in need of your help. Please continue to conserve. We are all anxious to return to normal and get laundry caught up and cars cleaned, but please wait and give our system a chance to fully recover.

Tanks, particularly in the Kempner system, are slow to fill, and until Kempner is fully recovered Lampasas will be subject to reduced flows. Both the Kempner and Central Texas treatment plants are running at full capacity which is good news, but all systems are also contending with main breaks.

City crews have completed repairs on water main breaks on East 4th and Western Streets today. Remaining clean up and pavement repair will be done next week. The City should receive results from the lab related to the boil order issued earlier this week late this afternoon or early evening. Staff will post results and rescind if tests are favorable.

Thank you all for bearing with us during this disaster.

The City of Copperas Cove – The State of Texas continues to be under a Statewide Disaster Declaration for all 254 Counties, and the City of Copperas Cove remains under a Declaration of Local Disaster due to extreme conditions resulting from Winter Storm Uri. As a result of the extreme weather conditions and prolonged power outages, as well as reduced water supply being delivered from the City’s water provider, the City of Coppers Cove implemented Stage 2 of the Water Conservation and Drought Contingency Plan on February 17, 2021.

*Update 2/21 : Seems we did good as a community since Saturday evening and capacities are beginning to stabilize. Mountain Top is slowly filling and coming back online, however PLEASE continue to conserve water as you are able to help this process through so we can build pressure back up. The ENTIRE City remains under Stage 4B Water Restrictions as previously posted until further notice.

*Any water that is consumed on Mountain Top Pressure Plane is still under the Boil Water Notice; other areas of the City on the lower planes are not required to boil.

We understand many customers are currently without water service for various reasons, however all citizens and businesses are encouraged to review and be familiar with the Stage 4B restrictions as they are outlined in the attached documents, or found on our website at: _CH6CIDIPREMMA_ARTIIWACODRCOPL

Enforcement – Any person who knowingly or intentionally allows the use of water in violation of the City of Copperas Cove’s Water Conservation Plan may be issued a citation by a City of Copperas Cove employee for a Class C Misdemeanor, punishable by a fine of $100 - $2,000 upon conviction. Violations will be strictly enforced.

Similar notification will be provided when the Stage 4B restrictions are either rescinded or revised. Updates will be posted on both the City’s website at, Government Access Ch. 10, and social media pages.

The Robinson Police Department posted on their Facebook page, Thank you to our community for your continued water conservation efforts. We are still asking for you to continue those efforts and be on the lookout for leaks on any property you have water to.

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