“He is deeply traumatized”: Family of Bryan mass shooting victim shares his story

The family says he has worked for Kent Moore Cabinets for more than 20 years.
Published: Apr. 9, 2021 at 10:56 PM CDT
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BRYAN, Texas (KBTX) - The family of one of the victims in Thursday’s mass shooting says he is recovering at St. Joseph Hospital in Bryan.

The family did not want to release his name. However, they say the 48-year-old Bryan man was shot in the arm and suffered multiple leg injuries after a gunman opened fire inside the cabinet company.

Arthur Arriola, the victim’s brother-in-law, says he got the call his family member was shot, then began hearing on the news that there was a mass shooting in Bryan.

“Something that I just never expected to happen to a family member of mine,” said Arriola.

Arriola says he was able to visit his brother-in-law Friday after he had surgery yesterday. While visiting with him, the Bryan man shared what happened.

“He heard a loud bang. He said, ‘I thought it was probably one of the machines that went out, and then I happened to look down and I had seen someone trying to get off the floor,’” said Arriola. “And that’s when he heard a second bang and he saw someone got shot.”

Arriola says his brother-in-law told him that as soon as he saw that, he began running away from the gunman.

“He said as soon as he turned to run, he saw blood come out of his arm as he was getting shot, and the closest thing out was the docking station,” said Arriola.

The Bryan man then said he and another coworker who had been shot jumped off the loading dock to try and hide. His brother-in-law broke one leg and fractured the other, Arriola said.

“They both ended up just dragging themselves under the 18-wheeler and they thought he would come out that way and finish them off. But luckily, he didn’t, and he ran out the back door,” said Arriola.

While speaking with KBTX, Arriola says he could tell in his conversation with his brother-in-law that he was traumatized. Arriola adds that the doctors say he will physically recover, but it’s the mental recovery that may take a while.

“It could really happen to any of us, but I just never thought it would happen to somebody I knew,” said Arriola.

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