Killeen: Sustainability conference shares ideas on President Biden’s infrastructure plan

Published: Apr. 23, 2021 at 8:13 PM CDT
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KILLEEN, Texas (KWTX) - Texas A&M Central Texas held a sustainability conference where they discussed how communities and companies can save money and their economy by fixing buildings and bridges, addressing climate change and racial inequities in the workplace.

All of which are addressed in President Biden’s new $2 trillion dollar plan to reshape the economy.

“In a way, it’s sort of a nice icing on the cake to really emphasize that yes, we have this broad spectrum, there is a bill in congress,” said Marketing & Management Professor Jody Fry.

“Of course, it’ll be chewed on and who knows what it’ll look like when it’s finished. However, the neat thing about it is its brought sustainability to the forefront as it has been globally.”

The plan includes fixing 20,000 miles of roads and 10,000 bridges, eliminating lead pipes from the nation’s water supplies and shifting to new, cleaner energy sources. It’s already received some push back from republican lawmakers who are working on a counter-plan with a third of Biden’s original budget.

As for the future of the plan, Business Administration Dean Faiza Khoja says it’s a great real-world example of how both republicans and democrats must work together on these types of problems.

“What’re the inter-dependencies across the board? We may play a role in a certain aspect, and the implications are three-fold and possibly more than that.”

“We have the same values. I believe that democrats and republicans are gonna negotiate like they do, but they’ll come with a plan to move our nation forward and that’s the most important thing.”

Officials say that if the plan is approved, the costs would be offset by increased corporate tax revenues raised over 15 years.

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