Case closed on shooting that killed area family’s Golden Retriever, sheriff’s office says

The Golden Retriever named Jack was killed while his family was camping at an area lake and a...
The Golden Retriever named Jack was killed while his family was camping at an area lake and a security camera recorded the deadly shooting.(Courtesy photo)
Updated: May. 19, 2021 at 7:09 PM CDT
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AXTELL, Texas (KWTX) - The McLennan County Sheriff’s Office says its investigation into the fatal shooting of a family’s dog near Axtell is over, and no arrests are likely.

Sheriff’s Capt. Steve January says a neighbor admitted to shooting the Golden Retriever named Jack because it was attacking livestock on the neighbor’s property.

“Our investigators determined that the dog was on the neighbor’s property, it was attacking their livestock and no laws were broken,” January said.

State law allows livestock owners or ranchers to shoot animals that are attacking or threatening livestock without the threat of prosecution.

The Millsaps family has some issues with the official account, however.

Jordan Millsaps, who purchased the dog nearly a year and a half ago, admits there have been problems with Jack chasing cattle in the past, but he thought the problems were behind them.

“We bought an invisible fence collar, and we haven’t had any issues in so long, honestly I had forgotten about it,’' Millsaps said.

MIllsaps understands landowners have a right to shoot animals if they’re attacking livestock, but he’s not convinced that Jack left his property.

“They said that’s there’s no proof that Jack was on our property when he was shot, well there’s no proof that he was on their property either,” Millsaps said.

The Millsaps family went to Lake Waco for a quick camping trip on May 7.

The next morning, they checked their security camera footage and watched in horror as they first heard a gunshot and then 20 seconds later saw Jack stumble into the backyard where he collapsed and died.

“The place where they say he was shot is a good 65 to 70 yards away. That’s a long way to run after being shot with a shotgun. I suppose it’s possible. I feel like that just because the guy has livestock that it was OK.” Millsaps said.

January says he believes his investigators did a good job in a tough situation.

The case will now be turned over to the McLennan County District Attorney’s office for review, he said.

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