Midland Memorial dealing with space and staff issues as COVID cases rise

Midland Memorial Hospital
Midland Memorial Hospital(.)
Published: Aug. 12, 2021 at 4:54 PM CDT
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MIDLAND, Texas (KOSA) - Midland Memorial Hospital is struggling to keep up with the current COVID-19 surge as they face a shortage of staff members.

As of Thursday, the hospital is treating 75 COVID patients, with the youngest being 2-years-old.

Governor Greg Abbott announced that more than 2,500 contracted medical workers would be flown in from out of state. Those workers will then be sent to hospitals across the state.

Will it be enough?

“The governors announcement yesterday that there are roughly 2500 individuals that they are going to be deploying across the state, that’s really not a whole lot to go around,” said Dr. Kit Bredimus, the Chief Nursing Officer of MMH.

Hospital leaders say more than 100 positions need to be filled. They’re competing with dozens of other hospitals for nurses.

“We do recognize that being in our area that the metropolitan areas will most likely be prioritized, so help may be on the way but it will still take some time to get here and probably not to the numbers that we have requested,” said Dr. Bredimus.

All while the spread of the Delta variant only seems to be worsening.

“We are highly confident that it is the highly contagious Delta variant that is driving the current surge,” said MMH President and CEO Russell Meyers.

The hospital is also dealing with a surge of another kind - Patients filling up its Pediatric Unit to capacity.

“There is one bed as a little bit ago, which we think is about to be taken, that’s being driven by other things, mostly RSV, the common respiratory virus that tends to happen in the wintertime, happening a little earlier this year,” said Meyers.

It’s still not known when the out-of-state medical staff will arrive, or just how many each hospital will receive.

In the meantime, MMH says it will continue to offer its staff members shift incentive pay until relief arrives.

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