Central Texas woman in search of mystery ‘hero’ who saved her life during a crisis

Published: Nov. 29, 2021 at 6:17 PM CST
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GATESVILLE, Texas (KWTX) - A Central Texas woman is looking for the man who saved her life during a severe panic attack that nearly resulted in a seizure in mid-November.

Brenda Lambert is on a mission to find her mystery hero to thank him for helping her in a time of severe depression.

“Everything he did that day helps me get through every day,” said Lambert, a Turnersville resident. “Every day, I remember the things that he said.”

A sign is posted on Fort Hood's Post Exchange by Brenda Lambert. She has been trying to find a...
A sign is posted on Fort Hood's Post Exchange by Brenda Lambert. She has been trying to find a man named Leonard who helped her through a crisis.(Courtesy photo)

It has been a lonely few months for Lambert after the death of her partner and other friends from COVID-19.

She has stayed out of public places lately, but had to go to the post exchange on Fort Hood.

“The gentlemen in front of us turned around and said, ‘hello my name is Leonard and I have a purpose that God gave me,’” said Lambert.

The mystery man, Leonard, sat down with Lambert and talked her through some of her issues she has been dealing with.

“He spent four hours with me, making sure that I was better,” said Lambert.

But before they parted ways, a fire alarm went off in the building and nearly triggered a severe panic attack and seizure for Lambert.

Leonard was still there to help.

“He got my heartrate down, he got me able to breath,” said Lambert. “He saved my life.”

He wrote his number down for her, so Lambert could contact him again.

“I couldn’t read his writing and I tried everything in the world,” said Lambert.

She even made a trip back to the post exchange to leave fliers, but has still heard nothing on Leonard.

“And I need to tell him what he did for me,” Lambert said. “I just can’t find him.”

It is a thank you not just for his actions, but for his encouragement.

“I think he needs to know that all of his efforts that day, and he spent four hours with me,” said Lambert. “He did that for a complete stranger.”

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