One year later: Local boy battling Leukemia still in need of a bone marrow donor

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Published: Feb. 27, 2022 at 6:59 PM CST
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WACO, Texas (KWTX) - A young Central Texas boy is continuing his fight against the odds just one year after being diagnosed with Leukemia.

MJ Dixon was surprised with a limo ride to Buffalo Wild Wings in Killeen where he, his family and friends we able to enjoy wings, cupcakes and other delicious treats.

Walking down the red carpet in style, he couldn’t feel more loved.

“It was surprising and fun and I got to drink some orange juice which was good,” he said.

“Plus, I got to hang out and talk with all my cousins which made my day.”

However, the celebration is bittersweet. Dixon is still without a bone marrow donor just one year after being diagnosed with Leukemia. Unfortunately, there’s only a 23% chance of finding a donor because of his race and blood type.

“Overall, it’s been very trying,” said his mother, Chaundra.

“We’ve had a lot of hospital stays. Where he is today, we didn’t expect it without a match. He’s on a trial drug right now that’s gotten him into remission to bridge us over into hopefully finding a match, but we haven’t found one yet.”

Since his diagnosis, his family launched the campaign “MJ Strong” to help him and other children find donors. While he has yet to find a donor himself, the campaign helped find donors for more than 800 children outside of his race.

While the future remains unknown for MJ, he and his mother believe faith will prevail.

“Prayers and believing because you gotta be strong, especially since I have these supporters, my mom and my family who love me,” Dixon said.

“I’m not confident at all,” Chaundra said.

“It’s hard but I will say God didn’t bring us this far to leave us. So, we’re gonna keep fighting no matter how hard it gets. No matter how many bad days he has, I’m gonna continue to let him know that you’ve got something to live and fight for.”

Anyone interested in making a donation or becoming a bone marrow donor can find more information on MJ Strong’s Facebook page.

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