Waco: Contract for Floyd Casey development nears completion, includes ‘inclusive’ housing model new to city

Published: Apr. 27, 2022 at 9:43 PM CDT
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WACO, Texas (KWTX) - A ‘first-of-its-kind’ housing development is in the works for Waco as part of the development of the Floyd Casey Stadium site.

“Good things take time,” said Kent George, Director of Economic Development, City of Waco.

Next month will mark six years since the demolition of Floyd Casey.

The former home of Baylor football was used for 64 seasons before being replaced by McLane Stadium in 2014.

The old stadium site off Valley Mills Dr. has been sitting empty since 2016, however, it won’t be vacant for long.

The site is set to be turned into parks, commercial space, and 240 homes.

“It’s not everyday that you get the opportunity to develop so much property within the core area of your city,” said George.

He says excitement is building within the walls of Waco City Hall over the multi-million dollar project to be brought to life by Turner Behringer Real Estate.

“This is 75 acres that Turner Behringer has an opportunity to turn into something that’s well connected, well utilized, well thought out, well planned and can really be an asset to our city,” said George.

In addition to TBRE, George says the team includes the city’s planning department and McCann Adams Studio.

“It’s a collaborate team that are really interested and really engaged in this project, everyone that’s involved in this project, it’s not their first time to do this, we have the advantage of experience,” said George. “The secret sauce here is McCann Adams, they’re a design firm, they’ve done a lot of great neighborhoods in the Austin area nd all around Texas.”

George says the plans offer an “all inclusive” housing model that’s new to Waco.

”It’s a mixed-income development, there’s seven housing types that we have to go in here,” said George. “This development will offer something for all levels so everyone from the single young professional, to the young family starting out, to someone who is retired who just may want to be bonneted to parks and open space.”

The development is designed to connect to existing neighborhoods and downtown through trails, landscaping, architecture and open space.

“It will totally be redeveloped into something that kind of draws you in, with the green space, with the trees, the sidewalks the trails, the different housing types,” said George. “So what’s there today is just kind of the canvas for what will eventually be.”

They want to paint a picture of community for all levels and background, he says, that Waco can be proud of.

“It’s so centralized to Waco, so we’ve got a great opportunity to really build something very sustainable, a very generational neighborhood that’s an attribute or asset to the community that we can really kind of show a glimpse into what good future development looks like, how to work all these housing types together, how to work these mixed income folks into a neighborhood, how to plan out and design something that’s really beyond just the average ‘cookie-cutter’ neighborhood,” said George.

Currently, city staff is finishing up the Master Development Agreement (MDA) which George says “will outline all the terms, incentives and expectations.

City staffers are hoping to bring a final contract to council for a vote in late May.

“There’s some pieces we have to fine tune,” said George.

George says he’s hoping for project completion sometime in early 2024.

“I would love to see Q-1 of 2024, but I don’t want to create any undue pressure,” said George. “This is why I do what I do, I want to do things that we all in the community can be proud of.”

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