Loved ones remember the lives of the four young people killed in a crash Saturday

Published: May. 23, 2022 at 7:05 PM CDT
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WACO, Texas (KWTX) -Four young lives were lost following a crash Saturday night.

It happened near FM 56 and 2114 when a range rover lost control and hit a tree before catching fire.

Mackenzie Bewley was a senior at Midway High School, Evan Lovejoy and Brouke Olvera just recently graduated from Midway ISD, and Lexi Olvera was only a freshman at Connally High School.

Family, friends, and the entire community are in mourning after the loss of these four people.

“Brouke is my bonus child, she is my bonus daughter, she is the love of the son’s life,” Tonya Boyett said.

Boyett says Brouke Olvera was dating her son Dakota.

“She just made a big impact on everyone in our family,” Boyett said.

“No matter what you were going through, she always finds the bright side to anything,” Jessy Lee, Boyett’s son and close friend of the victims, said. “That’s probably my favorite thing about her.”

Boyett says her heart aches after the loss of Brouke, but also for the others that were close friends with her son Jessy.

“Were they thinking about how much we loved them and cared about them?” Boyett asked. “How we wish it was us and not them?”

Jessy Lee says he has known all four of them for quite some time and even saw them on Saturday before the crash. He says Evan Lovejoy was the kind of person you could trust with anything.

Boyett also shared a few words from Lexi’s father.

“Anyone who is reading this should hug their kids and tell them now how much they love them because that was something Lexi appreciated every single day and I never let her down. It’s crazy how much those five seconds made a difference to her and it means now to me. -Scott Olvera.”

They say these losses are more than losing a family member or a friend but losing the reason they wake up each day.

As students, staff, family, and friends mourn the loss of these four lives, the school districts do have counselors on hand.

“We actually have school-based programs at both Connally and Midway,” Katie Chadwell, a child and adolescent therapist with the Heart of Texas Behavioral Health Network, said. “They can talk to kids and work through their feelings. They can also help support teachers and admin staff who might have known the children or who are having a hard time with it. So just a safe place to talk about feelings and process feelings of grief.“

Chadwell says the loss of young life can have an impact on even people who did not know the victims personally.

She says it’s important to surround yourself with a support system. That can be friends, family, a group you are a part of or you can reach out to a professional.

“Finding your support in the community, throwing yourself into that, and just really trying to focus on staying in the present,” Chadwell said.

She says if someone you know is grieving, let them know it is alright to feel whatever feelings they are feeling and try to offer a listening ear.

Also available 24/7 is the Crisis Hotline: 1-866-752-3451

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