“Party” of peacocks on the run in area city

Peacocks spotted in Temple
Peacocks spotted in Temple(Lynette Talasek)
Published: May. 31, 2022 at 3:00 PM CDT
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TEMPLE, Texas (KWTX) - Four believed to be female peacocks have been spotted across Temple in the last few days and their photos are being shared across social media.

A group of peacocks can be referred to as a party, pride or muster.

Shelby Michalewicz, the owner of Tiny Hooves Rescue and Petting Zoo in Temple says she’s been out trying to find the peacocks but because they move so fast, hasn’t been able to spot them despite using peacock calls.

“These peacocks have been plastered on Facebook, several citings all over Temple from Airport Road, to East Temple so peacocks can travel a very very long distance,” Michalewicz explained.

She says she believes the peacocks are female and are wild, but says they could be someone’s pet and have flown the coup.

“Now that they have been spotted in so many different places I do believe they are probably wild peacocks wandering and they roost in the tops of trees so they can be nearly impossible to catch unless they are tame but I don’t believe that these are tame at all,” she said.

The peacocks have been spotted crossing area roads, in grass fields as well as on people’s roofs, front porches and backyards.

Michalewicz says the biggest concern is the birds getting hit by a car. She says drivers should be aware of their surroundings and says anyone who spots the birds shouldn’t approach them but can call her rescue or animal control.

Peacocks spotted in Temple
Peacocks spotted in Temple(Lynette Talasek)
Peacocks spotted in Temple
Peacocks spotted in Temple(Shelby Michalewicz)
Peacocks spotted in Temple
Peacocks spotted in Temple(Jensen Woolfolk)

“When they are startled they make loud noises, if you’ve seen the movie Up, the sound the character Kevin makes is a peacock noise, its very loud and really cool. They eat bugs and grass and leaves,” Michalewicz said.

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