“I was ready to protest”: Community members come together to save trees in East Waco

Published: Jun. 6, 2022 at 6:29 PM CDT
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WACO, Texas (KWTX) -A group of women who have a passion for agriculture set their minds on saving what they say is a piece of history in East Waco.

The Waco National Women in Agriculture Association were preparing for to host their first farmer’s market of the season in East Waco underneath the shade of two trees at the corner of Elm Avenue and Dallas Street, but as they were cleaning the area and trimming the trees, they noticed something was wrong.

“I had previously told my grandson as soon as we got over here, you see those orange marks on the sidewalk?” Frence White said. “They are coming in to redo this area. I’m thinking they are going to construct the sidewalk around these trees.”

That’s when she says they were approached by a city worker who said their plan was not to work around the trees.

“He said these trees are going down because they are going to remodel the sidewalk in this area,” White said.

White immediately reached out to the other members of their organization.

“I was just shocked because my thought was why would they want to remove history?” Kay Bell, President of Waco NWIAA, said. “These trees have been here for hundreds of years. When I heard about it I was just ready to come down here and protest.”

They said it’s an important part of the community and their organization. They were ready to fight to save the trees.

“These trees on Saturday for the farmer’s market gives us a great place to stand and talk, laugh, smile and dance,” Bell said.

“We have to call the city manager, we need to call the mayor and we did all of these things,” Doreen Ravenscroft said.

After speaking with city leaders, these women say they succeeded.

“They realized how important they were,” Ravenscroft said. “The amazing shade they give where we have our East Waco Farmer’s Market.”

Among all of the construction along Elm Avenue, the trees will continue to stand as city leaders agreed to work around them.

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