Heat advisory in place for the weekend

Feels like 105° to 110°
Updated: Jun. 10, 2022 at 3:00 PM CDT
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A heat advisory is in place for the weekend with some of the hottest temperatures we’ve had to deal with since August 2020. Mornings will be in the 70s and afternoons soar above 100 degrees Saturday and Sunday. The humidity may drop some on Sunday but highs should remain close to 105° both days, and likely break record of 103° both days. High pressure sets up shop directly on top of us which is why we see temperatures spike.

High pressure slides to our east some early next week. Although highs will still stay near or slightly above 100° but at least it won’t be as toasty as the weekend. Winds for us will be gusty and out of the south next week which will pull in some Saharan Dust has been traversing the Atlantic Ocean for a few days. If you’re sensitive to air quality changes, you may have an issue with the arriving dust. We’ll all notice more vibrant sunrises and sunsets and also hazy skies too. Dust should be in it’s highest concentration come mid-week and may not exit the atmosphere until late next week. Sea-breeze style showers/storms may get activated next week and we will all hope one or two storms can hold on long enough to drift into Central Texas, because that’s our one and only shot for rain next week.

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