Rising gas prices taking a toll on Central Texas businesses

Published: Jun. 10, 2022 at 5:14 PM CDT
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WACO, Texas (KWTX) -Gas prices hit another record high Friday across the state and in Central Texas.

“A year ago in Waco, gas was $2.71 a gallon on average,” Daniel Armbruster, AAA spokesperson, said. “Can you imagine that?”

Gas prices across Central Texas are now averaging more than $4.60, the highest ever reported by AAA. Heading into the busy travel months of summer, prices aren’t expected to go down anytime soon.

“When that will go down is going to be determined by when demand falls and when we have a much healthier supply globally of crude oil,” Armbruster said. “Neither of those looks like it’s going to budge.”

This is not what Waco restaurant owner Aniceto Charles wants to hear as gas prices have a domino effect of driving food prices higher because of the cost of transporting them.

“Sourcing of all of the foods, the prices have gone up,” Charles said. “It’s starting to take a toll. We are trying to not raise prices but the reality is we will probably have to raise prices.”

For local businesses, it becomes a juggling act of trying to keep their prices low for customers but trying to keep their doors open.

Charles says the gas prices are impacting his businesses in more ways than one.

“Some of the things that we source, we have to travel for so I have to go to Houston or Austin so gas impacts me a little bit more because I use unique ingredients,” he said.

Businesses faced the impacts of the pandemic and now inflation and the rise in gas prices. Charles says they need your help.

“10 to 20 percent is nothing to laugh at so we are just being mindful and trying to count on the community for support,” Charles said.

While everyone is feeling the weight of inflation and the price at the pump, Charles says if you are able to, support local “mom and pop shops” to help them stay afloat.

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