NFL player from Waco returns home to hold youth sports camp

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Published: Jun. 13, 2022 at 3:00 PM CDT
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WACO, Texas (KWTX) - Andrew Billings is giving back!

The Waco High and Baylor alum and current Las Vegas Raider returned to Waco this past weekend to hold a free football camp!

Billings has moved across the country, playing for five different NFL teams, but he has not forgotten where he came from.

Andrew explains, “With how much this community gave me to get to the league and stay there as long as I have, it just felt right to come back here and give back.”

The Billings Family Find-A-Way Foundation uses events like this one to help develop teens and preteens into great players, and even better young men.

Current Waco High head football coach Linden Heldt says, “This is a piece in that cog to be able to turn that wheel and help change and mold our community. And then, to say, there is a guy from here. No excuses. Here he is, he is Andrew Billings and he has achieved well.”

Andrew’s picture is all over the weight room and practice facilities at Waco High - and he is more than happy to be a role model for the next generation.

Billings smiles, “I feel good about it. There were role models for me to look up to when I was at Waco High, so, for me, to be that person - it feels good. It feels right.”

As Billings participated in all the events with the kids at camp, you could tell Coach Heldt wishes he could put Billings back in a red uniform.

Heldt laughs, “Even if he couldn’t play, I would use him as a coach to get all those guys right up front. He has a skillset and a knowledge now, being in the NFL. I mean, when you do it for a profession you live it. You breathe it. You eat it. I mean, that is all you do. Once again, he is a great standard for our kids. I would love to have that guy back.”

Andrew has to head back to Las Vegas to get ready for the upcoming season, but he hopes to have left an impact on the kids that came to his camp.

Billings says, “The message I want to pass on is: work hard. Work hard at your sport. At school. Whatever relationships you have outside of school and sport. Just work hard, be a good person, and have fun.”

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