Family faces COVID outbreak after years successfully avoiding virus

Published: Jul. 14, 2022 at 10:20 PM CDT
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WACO, Texas (KWTX) - It has been quite a physical and emotional rollercoaster for a Waco-area family.

The Copps, a family of four, all caught COVID after trying extremely hard to stay away from the virus to protect two relatives with rare disorders.

They all became infected after the boys attended a special summer camp earlier this month.

It was the first time both of them were able to be out without their parents and the first time in about 14 years mom and dad had the house to themselves. But when the littlest one came down with the virus, a very intense series of events started.

“We feel that if they had not gotten them transported as soon as they did to take them to a care facility, we might have lost Lawson,” said father Jody Copp. “That’s how serious these things get.”

Jody Copp and his two boys, Calan and Lawson, are fine now, recovering from COVID. But mom, Melissa, is still quite worn out.

“Unfortunately, we all got it,” said Jody Copp. “But at least we were home so we could take care of things.”

It is especially concerning for the family, because both boys have compromised immune systems.

But as cases started to fall dramatically, doctors told them it would be safer to go out and take a break from their two-year quarantine.

“Of course, we always knew and we still know that the threat is out there,” said Jody Copp.

So it was off to Camp Blessing for the boys out in Brenham. But soon they were called back, because Lawson was not feeling well.

He was positive for COVID and quickly taken to a hospital in Houston.

“My wife went with Lawson and they got there, probably about three-in-the morning,” said Jody Copp. “I had to go to Brenham because Callan was still at camp.”

After getting home from camp, Calan started feeling bad. He also positive for COVID, and airlifted to the same Houston facility.

“I didn’t have any sleep the whole entire night, because we had to go move, and move, and move,” said Calan Copp.

Through the weekend, the treatment in Houston helped and the boys were quickly on the mend.

But before getting home, Jody and Melissa found they also came down with COVID.

“It was one of those things to where we did everything we could, for as long as we could, to keep them protected,” said Jody Copp. “But we knew, inevitably, this was going to happen.”

Though, with lots of energy loss, all are recovering well. The boys even getting back to their old selves.

“I’m kind of coughing because I cough a lot and sneeze a lot,” said Calan Copp when describing how he is feeling now.

“I’m kind of tired… and I’m a little, like, coughing too,” said Lawson Coopp.

It was a tough journey and because all are up to date on COVID vaccines. The family feels it was the shots that helped keep them from getting worse.

Aside from that, it was also community support that helped through such a tough time.

“The prayers, the positive vibes, all the thoughts,” said Jody. “We could never repay you for everything that you have done but we know that our family could not have made it through this without it.”

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