Trailer thefts spike in Waco, trailer company urges customers to make it a ‘challenge’ to steal

Published: Jul. 25, 2022 at 7:15 AM CDT
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WACO, Texas (KWTX) - The number of trailers stolen this year increased by five times compared to April through July last year, according to Waco PD. Lacey Lakeview trailer company, Lloyd Trailer Co., recommends making it more of a challenge for someone to steal your trailer.

“Whatever you can do to at least slow them down and give you a chance to hear that somebody is trying to get your trailer because those guys are out there, and they’re stealing them,” Lloyd Trailer Co. parts and services manager, Tammi Sammons, said.

More than half of the trailers stolen in the Waco area were from businesses, a third were from homes and two were from apartment complexes, Waco PD said.

Waco PD also said the thefts happened during all hours of the day. Someone stole a trailer that was in the parking lot of a business in the middle of the day.

Sammons said she has heard of people stealing customers’ trailers that have their names and logos on them.

To prevent this, she recommends customers buy heavy-duty locks, weld the vin number into the trailer and park it in a challenging spot to get to. Sammons also said, if someone has a cargo trailer, he or she should empty it every night.

However, she said only about 10% of customers, who spend thousands of dollars on trailers, buy a $40 or $100 locks.

“If you don’t secure your stuff, you’re truly keeping an honest man honest if somebody really wants to get out there and get it, but at least you can slow them down,” Sammons said. “You can make it a little more difficult. You can make them think twice. In our world right now, that might be all we’re able to do, but you at least have to try.”

A reason to the increase in thefts may be related to the spike in the cost of trailers, Sammons said.

A Lloyd Training Co. sales manager said some manufacturers now have a 65% surcharge because of shortages of numerous parts.

Before COVID, a customer could buy a five-by-eight-foot trailer for under $1,000. Now, it would cost about $1,800.

In Sammons’ experience, trailer theft is common, but the spike in prices may be causing more thefts.

“Why does anybody steal anything?” Sammons said. “I guess they don’t want to go buy it right now. It is true that prices of everything have gone up a lot. I had another gentleman, they tried to steal a whole stack of trailers off of his lot. They didn’t get away with it, but they tried. But, yeah, it’s always been an issue.”

Even though buying a lock and following all of the precautions might make it more challenging for people to steal a trailer, Sammons said, it’s important to realize that it may still get stolen.

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