Lost pictures found in Central Texas months after father dies

Published: Jul. 27, 2022 at 10:38 PM CDT
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BELTON, Texas (KWTX) - Joanna Stephens, of Bryan, found a photo album full of baby pictures among items she bought from a storage unit in Belton and posted some of the pictures hoping to find its owner.

“Do you recognize this baby, mom or dad? Maybe you recognize someone in this family,” her post read.

“I want to get this photo album back to them if I can. I know what it’s like not to know what you look like as a baby. This maybe all the pictures they have of her.”

With a few hundred shares a few days, News Ten helped Stephens connect with the mother in the photos.

Tiffany Wood, who now lives in Nashville, says she broke down in tears when she saw the post. The pictures are from her daughters birth in 2008, of her and her high school sweetheart, Rick who just died earlier this year.

“I didn’t even know the pictures were missing until Rick passed away,” Wood explained.

“I was looking for old pictures and couldn’t find them anywhere and then it clicked,” she said.

She remembered a box full of their high school pictures, and pictures of their kids was left in a storage unit in Texas.

“I was so upset because I’m like I’m never going to get those pictures back,” Wood said.

She had remarried, but Rick was still in her life as the father to two of her children. She says he had multiple organ failure and died suddenly in January.

“You don’t realize how precious things like that are until you lose them,” she explained.

She says the album that was found is full of photos from the first few months of her daughters life, pictures her daughter has never seen.

She says when she saw the post she showed her daughter, and they shared an emotional moment together.

“Its so weird because I’ve been thinking about him a lot this week,” Wood explained.

She’s greatful Stephens cared enough to even post the photos and attempt to find her.

“Its just nice to know people are still good,” she said.

Stephens plans to mail the album back to Wood as soon as possible.

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