Waco Facebook group ‘hides and seeks’ decorative rocks around the area

Published: Aug. 2, 2022 at 7:17 AM CDT
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WACO, Texas (KWTX) - Members of Waco Texas Rocks Facebook group decorate, hide and find rocks throughout the area, creating a fun, free scavenger hunt for residents and tourists.

The group has almost 15,000 members, including the artists who design rocks and hide them as well as people who find the rocks around the city and post in the group.

Lisa Moreno, one of the founders of the group, began painting rocks five years ago.

“Everything is an inspiration,” she said. “I take pictures wherever I go. I think, ‘oh, that’d make a good rock.’”

She said her rocks range from holiday-themed, intricate designs, or Waco landmarks.

Using paint pens and surrounded by twinkling lights and fans, she sits in the garage and draws for hours.

Once the rocks dry, she’s ready to hide.

“I drive up close to a place and toss it out the window and hope it doesn’t shatter, but just, like, toss it on a little sidewalk at a doctor’s office or somewhere like that,” Moreno said.

She hinted that she hides them in popular spots downtown as well as restaurants, parks, by the river or doctor offices.

One of the best parts for her is seeing her creation pop up on the Facebook group.

“It’s really kind of a little thrill,” Moreno said. “So often, your rock does show up, probably, maybe 10%, if you’re lucky, get posted, but we know that 100% hopefully go to somebody that enjoys them.”

She also enjoys finding other members’ creations around town.

“It’s also a thrill to find them, even after painting 100, to find one, you’re like, ‘oh, my goodness, I found a rock,’” Moreno said.

While it is a free activity, the group does have a few requests.

“If you find it, you take a picture,” Moreno said. “You can take the front and the back and post pictures and post it on Facebook, and, then, you can keep it if you want, or you can re-hide it if you want. We really encourage people to re-hide them, because that’s the point. Sometimes if you really like it, you want to hold on to it for a while, that’s fine. But, eventually put it back out there.”

She said it’s a wholesome activity any visitor or resident of any age can enjoy.

“It’s just about bringing a surprise or random joy in a person’s life and a rock is a good way to do it,” Moreno said. “I don’t know who did it first, but it’s easy to hide, easy to find, easy to transport if you’re going on a trip...”

While the group has grown a lot in the past five years, she hopes it will continue to grow and spread joy in the community.

“It kind of spreads the word that Waco is a pretty okay place to be and fun, and we have a good time,” Moreno said.

Moreno gave KWTX a custom-painted rock to hide in the area. Tag us and Waco Texas Rocks on Facebook if you find it.

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