Formula recall leaves Central Texas family scrambling to find food for daughter with disabilities

URS medical steps up to help family
Published: Aug. 18, 2022 at 5:57 PM CDT
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WACO, Texas (KWTX) - Families across the nation have been faced with shortages of formula.

When one Central Texas family found out about another recall last week, it left them with nothing to feed their daughter.

Marcia Bayer had stacks of formula on hand to supply the necessary nutrition for her daughter, but it only took one email to change all of that.

“Last Thursday, I got an email at about 5 o’clock from our durable medical equipment company, the company that provides my daughter’s formula and my son’s formula, that both of their formulas have been recalled,” Bayer said.

Every single box they had was on the recall list.

“For my daughter, it’s her access to life, it’s her nutrition, so it was immediate panic of what are we going to do,” Bayer said. “We have to have something to feed her. She has adrenal insufficiency and hypoglycemia, things like that require her to have her nutrition and a certain type of nutrition and so its an access to life issue.”

Bayer sprang into action by reaching out to Facebook groups and local resources. She says URS Medical went above and beyond to make sure her daughter had the food she needed.

“They were communicating with us after hours, checking with us, making sure we had what we needed,” she said.

Within hours, Bayer says her representative hand-delivered new formula and took away the recalled formula.

URS Medical Vice President James Russell says it’s just part of what their company does.

“We are centered around pediatric care and the majority of our patient base across the state of Texas are patients that are 21 and under, typically on the Texas Medicaid, who have either feeding needs or respiratory needs,” Russell said.

Russell says when they first started the company, they never anticipated something like a formula shortage but it’s connecting with families that reminds them why they do what they do.

“We always feel like if we take care of our families the right way, that everything else will take care of itself,” he said.

To reach out to URS Medical to learn more, call 888-877-6334 or visit their website.