Waco Czech-inspired restaurant, Pivovar, providing official Czech beer at Westfest after several years of planning

Published: Sep. 2, 2022 at 12:25 PM CDT
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WEST, Texas (KWTX) - Westfest named the new Czech-inspired restaurant, Pivovar, as the official provider of Czech beer for the festival.

The festival usually imports beer from the Czech Republic, or, recently, they just sell commercial beers. With Pivovar, the festival will now have authentic Czech beer that is actually made in Central Texas.

The idea has been brewing for about seven years when the investor of Pivovar attended Westfest in 2015.

“The reason this beer and brewery is in Waco, TX is because of Westfest 2015,” Beseda, said. “When I brought the investor, Julius, to Westfest in 2015, he walked away from Westfest and says, ‘I’m opening up a brewery, and, so, full circle, from 2015 to 2022, we now get to have his idea and his dream, and the beer will be showcased at Westfest this year.”

Seven years later, Pivovar’s Pilsner Czech beer will be in the hands of many Westfest attendees.

This Czech beer is special to many Czechs. Beseda said it is crafted by Czech brew masters, who start learning in high school and must be chosen in order to pursue the craft as a career.

Pivovar has two brew masters who opened and maintain Pivovar’s brewing of Pilsner beer. Pivovar also imports the ingredients, barley and malt, from the Czech Republic and replicates the recipes for brewing the premium, or dark, and light Pilsner beers.

”I joke saying it’s the best east or west of Prague or east or west of Pilsner, and the reason I say that is that all the time effort energy that we have to replicate this beer with the recipes, brew masters, ingredients,” Beseda said.

He said the beer makes you feel like you are in the Czech Republic or Europe.

“There’s hints of hops in there, but it’s very toned down,” Beseda said. “It’s very crisp...It tastes like the beer you would have abroad...You don’t have to fly to Europe anymore. You can just come to Westfest or come to Pivovar this week.”

Because the beer at Pivovar is made in Central Texas, Beseda said their Pilsner is 99% Czech beer and 1% Waco water, but he says you really can’t notice a difference because of the water.

Pivovar’s booth is under the Pavilion at Westfest. It is the first booth near the stage with the green sign. They will have over 20 kegs of the premium, or dark, and light Pilsner beers.

Beseda said they may also have a beer garden near the stand and their parade float for people to take pictures in front of.

Pivovar is also located in downtown Waco. Beseda said he is expecting a busy weekend at the festival grounds and back at the restaurant for Baylor’s first home game.

Pivovar hopes to continue to help bring the Czech culture of authentic Czech beer to the city of West for Westfest in future years as well.