After false threat, Waco ISD superintendent applauds district’s communication with parents

Published: Sep. 14, 2022 at 6:28 PM CDT
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WACO, Texas (KWTX) - A day after a school shooter threat at Waco High School turned out to be a hoax, Waco ISD is praising its communication with parents.

“I would say that I’m incredibly proud of our response times as far as communication,” superintendent Dr. Susan Kincannon said.

Around 2:00 p.m. on Tuesday several law enforcement agencies responded to an active shooter call at WHS. Armed officers cleared all the classrooms in the school, and parents later picked up their students from Base Extraco Center.

In the moments when she received the call, superintendent Kincannon remembers focusing on taking appropriate action.

“My first thought was to mobilize, make sure that our team was in motion and that we were getting information as quickly as possible to parents,” superintendent Kincannon said.

Parents at the scene on Tuesday, say the communication wasn’t as speedy as the district is claiming.

“I turned on the scanner and that’s how I knew about it,” Keli Botiller, mom of a WHS junior, said. “I never had even gotten notified from the school until I had already been here almost an hour waiting.”

Amy Williams was reunited with her WHS freshman, but at the scene she felt confused.

“Nobody’s really telling us what’s going on,” Williams said. “These are our children and they’re searching them before they even release them.”

In response to these claims, superintendent Kincannon said rumors can spread quickly, but she said the district worked as fast as they could.

“For us to get accurate information to 15,000 families it takes time to do that and we were very quick to do that,” she said.

Going forward, she asks for parents’ patience as the district works to get information out. As far as Waco ISD, the district’s focus is on staying vigilant at all times.

Waco ISD has a Civilian Response to Active Shooting Events (CRASE) coming up later in the week. The training was planned before Tuesday’s incident, but it’s just another way to re-emphasize the safety protocols in place.