Baylor grads make movie

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Published: Oct. 3, 2022 at 10:46 PM CDT
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WACO, Texas (KWTX) - It’s a story 15 years in the making.

A graduate of Baylor University, who is a working pastor, has made a movie with fellow alumni including Wacoan Clint Harp.

It’s called “The Author”... and it’s been picked up by Cinemark in Waco.

Ritchey Cable, Harp’s former roommate, wrote, created and co-produced the film.

“It’s been a 15-year passion project,” said Cable. “It’s really a search for the meaning of life, and so it’s got a lot of big human condition questions: is there order in this world, is it just chaos? The film takes us through the main character, James Harrison, who is an author, and we get to experience a little bit of that kind of journey.”

Harrison’s journey involves losing part of his memory and, in an attempt to get it back, is challenged by his doctor to write the story of the last six-months of his life.

“My full-time job, I’m a pastor, and so, I wanted a movie that was kind of accessible to people to ask that question: is there an author of my life?” said Cable. “I think that the big question to ask is: is there an author, is there some sort of story or order over my life or is everything just chaos, and is everything by accident? And I would invite the people of Waco to take this journey with us.”

Being a Baylor grad, Waco is part of the story of Cable’s life, and he used the city as a backdrop for some scenes in the film.

“If you watch it you’ll notice a couple of nods to Waco, I took a screenwriting class there, that’s really where I learned the craft of writing screenplays was at Baylor,” said Cable.

Harp, who Cable first met at a campus coffee shop, co-starred in the film playing the character ‘Ryan’.

“For Clint--he was just a natural, he’s just got a natural flare for it and was able to pull off the role and did an excellent job,” said Cable.

Harp, who owns and Harp Design Co. with his wife Kelly, became famous as Chip and Joanna Gaines’ ‘wood guy’ on HGTV’s “Fixer Upper” and now hosts a show on Magnolia Network called “Restoration Road.”

“We’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback, a lot of it in regards to Clint’s performance and how he did, he did fantastic,” said Cable.

Joining Harp on-screen is another Baylor alum, Kelli Stuart, who plays ‘Nurse Kate.’

Stuart, a novelist, is collaborating with Cable on a future film.

“She’s writing the novel and I’m writing the screenplay, and we’re collaborating on the story as we go,” said Cable. “It’s fun for us to relive the ‘old days’ as we’re getting to tell this story.”

“The Author” has another Baylor tie: the work of a current BU art student was featured in the film.

“That was neat,” said Cable. “I reached out to the art department and said ‘I’d really like to keep this within Baylor, we need someone who can do some pencil sketches,’ and so the teacher connected us.”

While production of the film took about three years...the journey to get there was much longer.

“If you want to make a film, the big thing is persistence, that’s what this has been about, 15 years of persistence of not giving up,” said Cable. “Clint was a huge encourager for me, he kept calling this ‘the little film that could,’ and there were times that I wanted to give up...that was the encouragement I needed to kind of press-on, and that would be my encouragement to others.”

The movie is playing at Cinemark Waco Monday through Wednesday of this week.

Click here for showtimes.

“This has, of course, been a labor of love for me, but this is an opportunity to engage with a film that makes you think, it is a ‘thinking’ movie, and there’s some mystery, there’s some drama, there’s romance, but it takes you on that journey of asking that question: what is the story of my life?” said Cable. “And I think it’s a journey worth taking.”