Halloween decorations, costumes fall victim to inescapable inflation costs

All holiday decorations have seen an increase in price, not just Halloween-related items
Published: Oct. 5, 2022 at 6:15 PM CDT
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WACO, Texas (KWTX) - With Halloween on the horizon, inflation is back and it’s looking a little scary.

The upcoming spooky holiday meant to scare with ghoulish frights might make you scream when you look at your receipt.

Adding Halloween to the list of inflated affected costs has many people stuck figuring out how to celebrate the holiday and still make rent the next day.

Items like pumpkins, costumes and special effects makeup have all seen an increase in price, some as much as 15 percent.

“Being resourceful will be the theme. Repurposing things we’ve used from past years or just finding stuff from friends or on consignment,” said Drew Walkowicz.

Balloon décor has become a popular, cost saving, method of decorating for holiday parties as the cleanup is rather quick and controlled.

JJ’s Balloon’s in Waco is having to deal with inflated costs on the back side but says he won’t raise the prices for his customers because of it.

“In the past we’ve used one, two or three different vendors. Now we use probably ten different vendors trying to not just find the color and sizes and quality we want but so many of the suppliers don’t have the product in stock, so their prices go up some,” said co-owner Jeff Logan.

Expanding vendors is just one method they’ve used to keep prices low for their customers despite having to pay more for the supplies.

Speaking of expanding, looking for costumes in places besides party stores is a great way to save.

Adult Halloween costumes have increased ten percent in cost since last year.

“It’s hard to go into a store today and justify the cost on a new outfit that seems to be way more expensive, especially when you’re only going to wear it one time,” said Walkowicz.

While most get Halloween out of the way before moving to Christmas, keep in mind those decorations will cost more as well, starting with the tree.