Beverly Hills police show support for family of McGregor victims

Published: Oct. 6, 2022 at 6:15 PM CDT
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BEVERLY HILLS, Texas (KWTX) - A local city and police department is rallying around a beloved employee who lost two family members in the shooting last Thursday in McGregor that left five people dead.

Renee Flores has worked as the city secretary for the City of Beverly Hills for two years, and if you ask Police Chief Kory Martin, he’ll tell you she’s the backbone of the organization.

“She’s the chief financial officer.  She’s human resources,” Martin said. “She is all of City Hall, other than the courts, so she carries a very, very heavy load.”

Martin said when his department learned that Renee had lost her sister-in-law Lori Aviles, 47, and her niece Natalie Aviles, 20, they immediately jumped in to help.

Lori had also recently lost her brother, Mike Aviles, 47, who was Lori’s husband and Natalie’s dad, in 2020, to cancer.

Renee with Lori and Natalie
Renee with Lori and Natalie(Courtesy Photo)

Angela Green, the administrative assistant to Chief Martin, has experience working with victims of crime.  The department first sent Angela to be by Renee’s side, even traveling to the crime scene alongside her to make sure she arrived safely.

The Beverly Hills Police Department also wanted to have a presence in McGregor.  They posted marked police units at Renee’s family’s home, the entire night of the shooting and the next day.

“First and foremost, we didn’t do this because we thought we were going to be interviewed,” Martin said.  “We didn’t do this because we thought it be noticed by the city, state, communities or anything like that. It was dedication from us to the family and that’s what was important to us from us to a coworker and friend.”

Martin said his officers were not concerned with time as they made sure Renee was supported.

“One guy he got off, did a full security job, 14-hour day of security and he pulled that whole night shift,” the chief said.  “Another guy came in the next morning, and he pulled another 12-hour shift.”

Chief Martin said having a visible presence at the employee’s family home for two solid days was not about security, but support.

“It’s not for that.  It’s for anything.  Unwelcome people at the house, if they need a cup of coffee, if they need to walk outside and have someone to talk to. That’s why that person is there,” Martin said.  “It’s symbolic.”

Chief Martin said the city has also organized a meal train which has helped provide meals around the clock for the grieving family and they’ve shown their support for their fellow officers in blue in McGregor who were involved in shooting the suspect.

They bought Bush’s Chicken and delivered it to the McGregor police station.

Martin said the City of Beverly Hills loves Renee and wants to do whatever they can to let her know she’s not alone.

“We’re also in a small way there for us as well because we’re grieving along with them and we just want them to know that we’re here and we want to be a part of anything we can do to provide any help and healing as they move forward through such a tragic situation,” Martin said.