‘We’re big Halloween people’: Waco business rearranged skeleton displays for 21 consecutive days in October

Published: Nov. 1, 2022 at 6:17 PM CDT
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WACO, Texas (KWTX) - A Central Texas business owner’s weeks of creative skeleton displays has come to an end, but not without a lot of fanfare and big plans for next year.

Automotive Works on Franklin Avenue in Waco spent 21 consecutive October days rearranging large skeletons with themes and props for people to enjoy as they drove down the busy street.

One fan said,  “going to miss my daily smile in the morning.”

Robert Passiatore is the owner of Automotive Works and says Halloween has always been his favorite holiday, so he wanted to share that love with others.

“We’re just big Halloween people and we host big Halloween parties and we’ve got a really big Halloween stash of stuff,” Passiatore said. “But, meanwhile, we just had some skeletons hanging around not doing anything and we just decided to use that.”

The business owner had plenty of props to work with, including eight adult skeletons,  six kid skeletons, five dogs, two birds, two cats and fish.

The scenes included the skeletons washing cars, pretending to be cowboys, going fishing and doing the limbo.

A friend even loaned him an antique Porche so his skeleton crew could pop the hood and do what they do best in working on cars.

Passiatore puts a lot of preparation into each scene, getting to work early to assemble the day’s look before taking it down at closing time.

And while it’s hard to pick a favorite, he said a few stand out.

“My favorite scene this year was definitely the band, which was during the first week, and then the car wash, which was last week,” he said.  “Those have gotten our two biggest responses.”

The automotive expert says while the scenes are a lot of hard work, the community’s response makes it worth it.

“Phenomenal.   I mean, all day long we get honks and waves,” he said. “Everything has been shared on social media, especially on the Next Door Ap and there’s a lot of people responding to this and look forward to it every day.”

This was the fourth year the skeletons made appearances in front of the business, but the scenes have become much more intricate.

“The first year they were just skeletons in lawn chairs just waving at the cars driving by,” he said.  “The next year we we’re like ‘let’s add a little bit more next year’ so we threw out a barbeque pit with them and a skeleton dog and the next year we had some skeleton kids. Now, it’s just getting bigger and better and just awesome.”

The scenes this year changed daily October 10th through October 31st and Passiatore said he’s already got big plans for next year.

“Next year it could be the whole month of October.  Every year it just gets bigger and bigger and the people who come by and stop and wave and honk and take pictures, it’s starting to create a trend here.”

“We enjoy doing this for our community just to add a little Halloween spirit.”