Some polling places are moved for McLennan County voters

Published: Nov. 7, 2022 at 6:26 PM CST
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WACO, Texas (KWTX) - Workers are making sure the public is aware of new polling locations for Election Day tomorrow.

Officials tried to make the new sites as convenient as possible to get more voter participation.

The arrival of election season ignites election judge of 15 years, Russell Larkins.

For over a decade, Larkins made sure polling sites were ready to go for voters.

“Don’t sit at home and complain when you have a chance to do something. If there’s something you don’t like, get out and vote,” said Larkins.

Polling sites might look different for some voters in McLennan County.

Officials said construction caused Tennyson Middle School to move to the Holy Spirit Episcopal Church and Waco High School move to Grace Church.

Riesel High School moved voting to its gym and First Woodway Baptist Church moved to their venue building across the street.

Officials said it’s easier for voters to get to.

The county’s elections administrator, Jared Goldsmith, said it was difficult finding replacements for the polling stations.

“Moving a polling site can be quite a challenge, but we try to make accommodations as much as we can for all of our voters. We try to keep things as consistent as possible,” said Goldsmith.

Larkins is hopeful there isn’t a challenge with voters going to the correct polling site.

“When it’s hard to do something, people find a reason not to do something. We want to be easy and accessible to everyone who want and need to vote,” said Larkins.

Larkins said he and his workers set up voting machines and tested the internet, all he needs next is you and your ballot.

“We’re getting everything on one accord. I believe we got everything ready to go, we’re ready to go.”

The addresses are on

Workers will put up signs with the new addresses in case people go to the wrong one.