Dual veteran owned Red White and Moo dairy farm, in Troy, bottles and sells their own milk

The husband and wife pair have had cows on the farm for nearly 10 years but recently decided to begin selling the milk
Published: Nov. 11, 2022 at 5:12 PM CST
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TROY, Texas (KWTX) - The Red White and Moo Dairy Farm in Troy is anything but in short supply of milk.

The veteran owned farm is no stranger to dairy cows.

What’s new is that recently the pair began selling the milk directly to the community.

It all started when Melinda Mersch was a baby herself.

She grew up around dairy cows on her family farm, milking the cows when she was just four years old.

Now, happily married with two daughters, Melinda and her husband Albert have around ten dairy cows on their farm.

“Red White and Moo came out of the story of, ‘Oh gosh what do we name our dairy farm?’. Since both of us are dual veterans, we thought instead of red, white and blue we thought Red White and Moo was the best,” said Melinda Mersch.

Melinda spent six years in the Army while albert spent twenty-four years with the Army.

The pair met while serving in Germany.

After spending some time at Fort Hood, the two landed in Troy where their Red White and Moo farm lives.

They’ve had dairy cows on the farm for nearly ten years but recently made the decision to sell their cow’s milk, having acquired the proper permits to do so.

“We had been giving our milk away and people said, ‘Oh gosh your milk is amazing, why don’t you get a permit to sell it?” that’s what pushed us forward into selling,” said Melinda Mersch.

Recently, the couple welcomed a group of students to the farm to better understand how the dairy process works.

When not milking or providing dairy education, both Melinda and Albert work other jobs.

The pair said the cows were more Melinda’s speed but that Albert has no qualms when it comes to balancing work life with farm living.

“It’s so much hard work but no complaints from him. It’s a teamwork thing,” said Melinda Mersch. “There’s no way we could do it without the other,” said Albert Mersch.

Because of the sacrifices Albert Mersch made during his 24 years of service, he was awarded the oldest military honor, known as the Purple Heart.