Award-winning Waco Tours partnering with Lights of West for a new, exclusive ‘Christmas Experience’

Published: Nov. 28, 2022 at 7:19 AM CST
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WACO, Texas (KWTX) - Waco Tours is offering a new way to celebrate the holidays this year with their first ‘Christmas Experience,’ creating a festive opportunity for both locals and visitors to enjoy the Lights of West.

“The Christmas spirit is really alive here in Waco during the season and so we love to showcase that,” Waco Tours Operations and Finance Manager, Kendall Seibert, said.

Their normal 15-passenger Waco Tours van is now decorated with Christmas lights and decorations, giving guests a total Christmas experience from Waco to the Lights of West display and back.

Waco Tours is celebrating about five years since opening in 2016 and Lights of West is shining the holiday spirit on Central Texas for its second year, but this is the first year that the two partnered together.

“We love to partner with other local businesses, so we’re so thankful for the Lights of West and what they do and that we get to partner with them,” Seibert said. “We’re just excited to showcase more of the city in a different way.”

The partnership includes a trip through the lights display followed by some complimentary, VIP access to pictures with Santa, hot chocolate, snacks and more.

Seibert said the drive out to West from the Waco Tours Mercantile is about 15 minutes; therefore, passengers can participate in “Carol-oke,” allowing guests to karaoke Christmas songs on a Bluetooth mic that hooks up to the van.

She said they try to make the drive as fun and memorable as possible.

“They love to make the time and the night really special,” she said. “We are really well known for just world-class hospitality, and so they want to showcase that to everyone that comes on board.”

Waco Tours is known for providing this experience to Waco visitors, but they are hoping that many locals will take part in their Christmas Experience.

“We’re excited to offer this new experience that really showcases more of Waco and is especially tailored to people who are locals,” Seibert said.

The Lights of West is available to the public for anyone interested in driving through the multi-acre lights display, but Waco Tours hopes their experience will allow families and groups a fun way to enjoy the holiday decorations.

“We have all these complimentary additions to it and so that makes it extra fun, and if you don’t want to be the one driving, you just want to enjoy with your family, sit back, do the carpool karaoke and just have fun, then you don’t have to drive yourself,” Seibert said. “We’ll take care of that experience for you.”

The Christmas Experience is offered Thursday-Saturday nights until December 22. It is $35 per adult, $25 per child 12 years old and younger. There are private party options for around $400. You can book online via Waco Tours Facebook and Instagram links in their bios or you can call--(254) 300-8725.

Lights of West is open for public drive thru daily from 6-10 p.m. It is $35 per vehicles with eight passengers or less and $55 per vehicles with nine passengers or more. They are open until December 30.