City of Marlin learned from experience, had contingency plan in place for water ahead of latest winter storm

Storm in Feb. 2021 left city without water for days
Published: Feb. 1, 2023 at 5:05 PM CST
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MARLIN, Texas (KWTX) - The city of Marlin is relieved to still have water during the winter storm.

City manager, Cedric Davis, said Marlin’s water is flowing smoothly. “It’s like winter storm Uri all over. So, hopefully, everyone around the state can stay warm,” said Davis.

However, things looked different for the city’s water supply during winter storm Uri in 2021.

Davis said the storm knocked out the power at the city’s water plant for a week.

“We were prepared at that time, but mother nature hit everybody. So, every city in the state of Texas and surrounding states were hit hard. We thought we were prepared but mother nature said these cities were not prepared,” said Davis.

Residents couldn’t brush their teeth, shower, or wash dishes.

Cocoa Cola delivered 10 pallets of water bottles to the city of Waco, who then shared four of them with Marlin.

Davis said the city has more resources to avoid that nightmare.

“We made sure that our contingency plan was definitely put into place. We made sure we had extra supplies on hand, made sure that we got a place for a staff if they have to stay overnight to keep them off of icy roads. Then, if we do have an accident, we don’t have anyone to staff the plant. So we made sure we have quarters for them,” said Davis.

Davis said the city also has extra water lines, heaters and wrapping material in case the water plant loses power again.

He said the city will always look for ways to stay prepared to keep its residents safe.

“We’re always dedicated. We’re dedicated 110% every week.”

Officials said the city currently has water and expects there will be no issues after the storm.