Organizations gather to care for elderly during winter storm

Published: Jan. 31, 2023 at 7:35 PM CST
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WACO, Texas (KWTX) - Local organizations are working to keep our elderly warm and fed during the winter storm.

Due to the weather, they have all hands are on deck so seniors can be comfortable.

Seniors at Stoney Brook of Hewitt gain comfort gathering around the fireplace.

They want to feel as much heat as possible since it’s freezing outside.

Executive director, Melanie Crain, said staff check the temperature in each of the residents’ room, serve warm fluids and keep them active.

“We play cards, dominos. We serve hot cocoa, warm soups, all those things to keep ourselves busy so they’re not focused on how cold or dreary it is outside,” said Crain.

Crain said sometimes the cold, dreary weather mixed with cloudy skies can bring the blues.

“Depression can also set in when it’s really cold like this. Their families aren’t able to travel and visit with them. So, they might be down and a little depressed,” said Crain.

Another group taking care of the elderly during this winter weather is Meals on Wheels Waco.

“They really depend on it. Most of the clients we serve line totally alone,” said CEO, Debbie King.

King said volunteers provided more than 1,800 hot meals for seniors in McLennan, Falls and Hill County.

She said some seniors may not have the access or family to get food for them.

“They don’t really have a backup plan sometimes. They may not have extra groceries in their covers, so it was very important for us yesterday morning to get going early,” said King.

Crain said with these freezing temperatures, always check on your elderly neighbors or family members.

“They do tend to be more cold natured, the elderly do, so just making sure they have plenty of apparel and things to keep them warm,” said Crain.

Some local groups say they need more help from the community to help keep the elderly warm.

If you have extra heaters, warm clothing and blankets they encourage you to donate.