City of Belton receives $5 million for infrastructure project

The city of Belton receives $5 million dollars in infrastructure project
The city of Belton receives $5 million dollars in infrastructure project(KWTX)
Published: Feb. 3, 2023 at 5:43 PM CST
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BELTON, Texas (KWTX) - The city of Belton received millions of dollars for a long-awaited infrastructure project.

Mayor Wayne Carpenter said the low water crossing over Nolan Creek acts like a dam and it’s time to rebuild.

“When we have heavy rainfall, it catches all the debris and it acts as an actual dam,” said Carpenter, who further added the city wants to replace the low water crossing with a bridge to mitigate flooding.

“It impedes traffic on I-35 because those access roads are frequently closed off when it floods. it also backs up all the way to the central avenue area into downtown Belton,” said Carpenter.

Congressman John Carter helped the city be awarded with $5 million dollars in federal funding to start the project.

“I’m able to help our local community and this has been needed for a decade,” said Carter.

He said not only will this stop the flooding, but it will enhance residents’ safety.

“Whenever that floods no fire or medical vehicle would be able to cross it. if there was an emergency over there and there’s no way to go, they would have to go around, probably a long way around,” said Carter.

Carter said another factor on his mind is opportunity for more development.

“It’s easy access and the more use of all this property over here. If someone wants to come here and build a business and they need to cross this bridge, they’re not going to be interested in that business,” said Carter.

Mayor Carpenter said he’s excited about the positive factors and is ready for a new shift in the city.

“It’s obviously very expensive, because we have to replace it with something. the city didn’t have an extra five million dollars. The five million dollars will not pay for the entire project, but it’s a huge step forward for the city,” said Carpenter.

Mayor Carpenter said the city will use $1.2 million from the general fund.

He said the planning for the bridge will take about a year.