Parents of Marlin High School seniors demand answers for discrepancies in students’ transcripts

Published: Jun. 2, 2023 at 6:34 PM CDT
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MARLIN, Texas (KWTX) - A recent discovery about grades in Marlin High School shows discrepancies in students’ transcripts, which caused confusion for parents and students.

Some parents said they noticed a grade for one semester, but it drops drastically for the second.

Parents said they look at it as another thing added to the end of the year controversy.

Marlin’s superintendent, Dr. Henson, said this is because the subject is a yearlong class.

The grade may be higher toward the first part of the year, but then factors like participation or attendance drops the grade at the end of the year.

“Included in our graduation audit are the verification that all grades are accurate and match from students’ report cards and online course reports to the transcript. For our year-long courses, our grade portal does not delineate between cycle courses and year-long courses. At the end of every year, the campus leadership team is to update each students’ final grade to accurately reflect the final grade earned in the year-long course. Grades in year-long courses are not finalized until the course has been 100% completed,” said Henson.

Ongoing controversy at Marlin High School regarding senior’s eligibility to graduate continues to cause frustration amongst the community.

Most parents and students said they were shocked when they heard about the ineligibility just days before graduation.

It all started May 23 when the district found majority of the students did not meet the requirements to graduate.

According to the district’s audit, only 5 out of the 33 seniors were eligible to graduate.

The district’s administration said this is specifically due to unexcused absences and failed courses.

Most seniors said they were disheartened when they heard the news they wouldn’t be receiving a diploma.

“A bag of emotions, anxiety, a bit of disappointment,” said senior, Salvador Guerrero.

On May 24, the district decided to push back graduation from May 25 to June so students can have time to catch up.

That same night, administration met with seniors and heated parents since the graduation was rescheduled.

An updated audit revealed that the number of seniors now eligible to graduate increased to 17 out of 38 seniors.

This includes alternative school and education seniors.

During the meeting, the district said it informed parents in the past whether or not students were on track.

However, some parents said the district dropped the ball.

“I am a parent, I am hurt, this is a catastrophic failure of leadership and accountability,” said parent, Brandolyn Jones.

On May 25, which would have been graduation night, parents and the community recognized Marlin High School seniors for their achievements at the Marlin Missionary Baptist Church.

May 30, the school updated the Marlin ISD community 29 out of the 38 seniors are eligible to graduate.

Marlin High called seniors and parents to participate in one of two mandatory meetings to discuss students’ graduation status.

Students received a letter with their graduation status.

According to the letter, if a student’s sheet is highlighted “Not Complete” then they must attend the “extended school year.”

The session begins June 5 and seniors must meet their requirements by June 22, which is graduation day.

Some parents said they were never notified of students’ progress throughout the whole year.

But other parents say they’ve had great communication with the school.

“I think they did a good job with communicating throughout the school year. This isn’t something where I just woke up and said, ‘Hey, what’s the problem?’ I’ve always had great communication with the school,” said parent, Darryl Foster.

There are many questions that parents demand answers to.

On Tuesday at 4pm, Dr. Henson said he will do an interview with KWTX to clear up any confusion.

In the studio, Jasmine Lotts, KWTX News 10.