Weekly News10 newscast schedule (subject to change)
  • M-F: 4:30a-7a, 8:30a,12p-12:30p, 5p-5:30p, 6p-6:30p, 6:30p-7p, 9p-9:30p, 10p-10:35p;
  • SAT: 8a-9a, 6p-6:30p, 10p-10:30p;
  • SUN: 7a-8a, 5:30p-6p, 10p-10:30p

Original programming this week on KWTXTRA

  • Monday: Morning Update 8:30a, *Keep Waco Loud 9a, *Waco History 10a, Afternoon Update 3:30p, News En Español 6:30p, Evening Update 7p, Hardwired 7:30p
  • Tuesday: Morning Update 8:30a, Cooking With Ke’Sha 9a, *Vasa 9:30a
  • Wednesday: Morning Update 8:30a, Wilson Talks Wellness 9a, Sports Xtra 3:30p, News En Español 6:30p, *1 Star Rewind 7p, *Vasa 7:30p
  • Thursday: Morning Update 8:30a, *Vasa 9a, News En Español 6:30p, *Waco History 7p
  • Friday: Morning Update 8:30a, *Waco History 9a, News En Español 6:30p, Wilson Talks Wellness 7p

*Presented by Rogue Media